The Legs, The Nose and Mrs Robinson

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The Avatar Family

Cosplays made by: Me (Katara)
Aang: Cerulean Photograhy 
Photography by:
Edits by: Me 

*Bumi was not left out, he just decided until the last picture that he didn’t want to wear his costume or be in photos 

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Jason: The first time I worked with Dobby, I said, “Where’s Dobby gonna be? Where should I look?” They went, “Well, wherever you look, that’s where we’ll put him.” So we’re up on a little platform for me to walk down and I would swing my leg viciously and as I went down the steps, I went … with the cane like that.

So Chris goes, “Cut. Okay, great. You slip or something?” And I went, “No, no, no. No, I just kicked Dobby down the stairs.” And he went, “Really?” He said, “What was the thing with the cane?” I said, “When he tried to get up, I bashed him on the head.” He went, “Cool.”

When he tried to get up, I bashed him on the head.


Brb, dying.

i thought this was gonna be another description of how dan adlibbed that line in this scene. but this is so much better!!!

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